VVV-Venlo’s German striker Lennart Thy will miss this week’s training sessions and will also not play in Saturday’s Eredivisie-clash with PSV Eindhoven. The reason is a special one.

Seven years ago, as a young Werder Bremen-player, Lennart donated DNA in order to be able to possibly help a leukaemia-patient at any given time in the future. Last week it turned out that Thy has a full DNA-match with a patient and the player decided to cooperate and donate blood which would enable doctors to generate stem cells that make a transplant possible. If successful, stem cell therapy is a cure for acute leukaemia.

Of course VVV-Venlo agreed to Lennart’s request to cooperate with this very special programme. The chance of a full DNA-match is remarkably small, which is the reason why the situation is so very special. Lennart will be absent in Venlo for the whole week and pick up his training after the weekend.

Lennart considers this a private matter and will therefore not be available for comment to the press. On Tuesday March 20th there will be a press moment at VVV-Venlo, where Lennart will answer some questions on this situation. This press conference will be the only occasion on which Lennart is available for questions from the media concerning this matter.

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